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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 20 October 2008 16:35

Orange Helpers primary program will be identify families with Agent Orange victims living at home, to meet and interview them, and to determine whether and how we can assist them to improve their family economy and well being.  This process, as well as all our work, will be done in conjunction with or in consultation with our primary partner, VAVA (Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin) Phu Yen.  We also will take advantage of partnerships with local government, the Red Cross, and other partners working in Phu Yen province.  Already, we have worked with PAVO ( the Phu Yen chapter of VAVA) to deliver educational assistance to 16 Agent Orange families.

Our budget will allow us to assist numerous families with educational scholarships ($60 or more) or economic grants or loans ($150 or more).  The best suggestions for appropriate economic assistance will most likely emerge from the discussions with the families themselves.  This assistance could take the form of micro grants or loans for specific investments that are likely to create a sustainable Improvement in family income.  These might include:

  • Farm animals or seeds or plants for a rural family
  • A cash grant for investment to improve a small shop
  • A sewing machine or other capital to allow improved productivity

It could also take the form of educational opportunities for Agent Orange victims or their family, where the long term viability of the family is at issue.  A blind child might need assistance to attend a special school.  As an example, we  currently help a young Agent Orange victim to attend the university to study painting and design in Ho Chi Minh City and we are, at the same time, seeking ways for her to sell her paintings to further support herself and her mother.  Some of her paintings will be sold in an art auction in the US early next year, and the money will be given to the student.

Orange Helpers will also seek economic opportunities for Agent Orange victims and their families.  An example would be the projects of some NGOs which have workshops to employ poor women at fair wages to make various arts and crafts such as quilts.  We seek partnerships with such organizations to bring such opportunities to women in poor Agent Orange families in Phu Yen.  Orange Helpers might subsidize the training of women for such programs.  Similarly, we will work with local companies such as the growing tourist industry in Phu Yen to seek job and training opportunities for members of Agent Orange families.

In the longer term, and in conjunction with appropriate Vietnamese organizations and government offices as well as larger international NGOs, we seek to bring facilities that work successfully in other provinces to Phu Yen.  These will require longer term planning and fund raising.  We are already developing plans and seeking partners for a day care center and training facility for Agent Orange children and their families in Song Cau district.  This not only would allow parents of these children to work during the day and bring income to the family, but it would also help the children reach a higher level of development.  Another similar project might be a health care facility with significant outreach (traveling doctors or nurses) to children living at home.  The most appropriate project for Phu Yen will require time and consultation with local authorities and families.



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Orangehelpers is a 501(c)3 organization.  All dontations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
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