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Phú Yên
OH hiện đang hoạt động tại Phú Yên, một tỉnh miền trung Việt Nam, nơi có đến khoảng 12,000 nạn nhân chất độc màu da cam.
Ly Van Hay family PDF. In Email
Viết bởi Administrator   
Thứ hai, 20 Tháng 10 2008 17:56
There are three kids in this family. This boy, Thanh, is the youngest at 12 years old. He has the mental and physical abilities of an infant. At age 4 months, there were no apparent problems with Thanh, but soon thereafter, the mom started noticing the problems that led to his condition today.
The father earns $2-3 dollars a day doing odd jobs when they are available. Mom stays home with her son. The eldest child attends university in Bien Hoa.
We have no immediate ideas for how to help this family. We hope in future to have a day care center that would free the mom to work outside the home.

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