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Gallery Description
Trinh Thi Sam Family This album includes photos from Trinh Thi Sam family that we visited during our trip to Da Nang. Read the article here.
Helping Linh Pictures about Linh, her mother and OH's visits and helps.
Tran Huong Family Pictures about Tran Huong Family
Le Trong Y This 14 year old boy suffers hydrocephalus (big head). He understands little and doesn't speak, but smiled and laughed ...
Phan Kim Phung This 9 year old has twisted limbs, understands little, and doesn't speak. He smiles and laughs a lot. He watches tv and...
Le Van Du This 16 year old suffers hydrochepalyus(big head). He has had several 3 month hospital stays at no cost. He understand...
Vo Tran Quoc Sinh This 6 year old has the sunniest disposition, smiling and laughing, but his cognition and motor skills are those of a 6 ...
7 kids on October 8 We visited 7 familes today. I need to organize the many pictures, but here is a picture of each. I put a short descrip...
Ma Trung Tien Why I am not handsome?
Tran Van Bong family When the parents go to the fields to work, the girl is restrained by leg chains...
Nguyen Van Nghia family This family has 5 kids, the youngest of whom is Hoa, 18 yrs old is affected by AO. He understands a little and is confi...
To Van Huong family his family has three kids. The middle kid, Long, 9 years old, has Agent Orange induced Down's Syndrome. Their house, o...
Nguyen That family A loan or grant of $300 would best be used by this family to buy animals for future income.
Ly Van Hay family The father earns $2-3 dollars a day doing odd jobs when they are available. Mom stays home with her son. The eldest ch...


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